Pottery sales for the fall!

Well, this summer did not turn out as planned, but I've been able to continue working on my art, so I feel blessed! The community art center that I worked out of closed in March and sadly, will probably never reopen to making pottery in the future. But, we potters are a determined bunch and I've found a new pottery home that has the glazes I need and a kiln that fires to the required temperature. So the pots I threw and decorated over quarantine are out and looking for a good home. My home will be happy to have fewer boxes of pottery in storage.

Hopkins: I will be selling my pottery at Hopkins farmer's market on Sept. 12th, and October 3. The sale starts at 8:00 and is over by 12:00, so it goes by quickly. I also don't bring as many of my "higher end" pieces (most of the pieces I post here) to the farmer's market, so if you plan to come, please e-mail me what you would like me to bring from my website, and if have it, I can bring it with me for you to look at

. I still do have quality pieces at a lower price point at the market. It's a good time to find gifts for family and friends.

Eagan: I've been in contact with some artists who are planning an actual outdoor Art fair sale in Eagan, (20 artists only to allow for proper social distancing), on October 10th and 11th. Details to follow!

Hope to see you at one of these events. I can be reached by email at MinDesignsPottery@gmail.com

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